Hi everyone,
The workplace is an area where you will hear many different opinions. Whether you are in a business meeting, at a conference, or simply chatting to a co-worker over a coffee, it is important that you can give your opinion and respond to the opinions of others in a clear and natural fashion.
In this post we look at some basic ways in which you can agree with the opinions of others. 
1. >> Short statements.
A: I hate working overtime.
B: So do I.
A: I hate working in the evening.
B: I do too.
A: I don’t like the new CEO.
B: I don’t either.
A: I don’t have enough time to get my work done.
B: Neither do I.
A: We don’t want to lose this deal.
B: Nor do we.
2. >> Standard phrases
I agree.
You’re right.
I couldn’t agree more.
That’s how I see it too.
That’s how I feel also.
3.  >> Synonyms
A: That meeting was such a bore. It was dreadful.
B: Awful. I thought it would never end.
Synonyms that mean ´really good´
Synonyms that mean ‘really bad’
4. >> Examples
A: These new policies are great.
B: Especially the flexi-time!
A: I really enjoyed Edward’s presentation.
B: Especially the part about the growing Chinese market! That was so interesting.

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