How to find an IELTS teacher in Ireland

This post contains advice for English learners in Ireland who would like to take the IELTS exam. Specifically, it contains advice about how to find an IELTS teacher in Ireland.

The first option is to take lessons at a language school. Dublin in particular has a lot of options for students to take intensive preparation lessons. If you search on Google or another search engine, you can find schools like this one that have morning and afternoon options.

Private tutors

Another option is to search online for a private tutor. Once again, if you are based in Dublin then there are are plenty of tutors available. For example, Gumtree contains a lot of adverts by qualified English teachers. These teachers normally charge about €20-€25 an hour. You can also search for teachers in other Irish cities like Cork and Galway. You should contact the teacher to find out about the teaching method and find out if their availability matches with your schedule.

I don’t live in a big city. What can I do?

If you live in another region, or you can’t find a teacher whose schedule and style is suitable, then another good option is to look for a teacher online. You can find more information here on ienglish about IELTS lessons, and other language learning websites like Preply are also good places to find an online teacher. For this to be successful, you need to have a good internet connection speed and a quiet space at home to do lessons. You can check your connection speed here, and compare it to the requirements for having a clear Skype conversation. It is important to have good video and audio so that you and the teacher can hear each other.

I don’t have a fast connection. What can I do?

The average internet speed in Ireland is quite fast in most places. Therefore, you can hopefully find an IELTS teacher in Ireland and take online lessons with him or her without too much difficulty. However, if you live in a rural area, or another country where the internet isn’t so fast, then you can also try some other applications that sometimes work faster in other countries. I often find that Zoom is faster and smoother than Skype. Furthermore, Hangouts can be a good option. If you live in China, then WeChat is definitely the best application to use for online lessons.

Is it easy to take the IELTS exam in Ireland?

There are many places in the Irish Republic and Northern Ireland where you can take the IELTS exam, and it costs €200. Click on the links to find out more about the dates and locations. You can take the exam throughout the year, so it is definitely good to give yourself plenty of preparation time so you can take lessons and improve.

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