Business English Meetings 4: Asking for and Expressing Opinions

Business English > Asking for and expressing opinions  The world is full of opinions and the workplace is no different. Some of these opinions you will agree with, some you won’t, and some may make you want to tear your hair out! … Read More

Business English Meetings 3: Interruptions

Business English Lesson 3 > Interrupting Politely / Resisting Interruption   Imagine that you are in a business meeting and everybody is speaking really quickly. It is difficult to keep up with what is being said. You need to stop the conversation … Read More

There’s no need to panic!! Tips for using English in the workplace

Hi everyone, These days it is a requirement for many non-native English speaking workers  to communicate through English at work. This can be really stressful, especially for beginner and intermediate level language learners. Perhaps you are one of these employees. Do you … Read More