In this blog post, you can learn and review some vocabulary connected to talking about cars in English. In the video above, I mention some common questions we ask each other when we talk about cars, and the key vocabulary and sentence patterns that we use to answer these questions.

In addition, there are some links below for you to do some more detailed reading and listening about cars. The subjects covered include buying a car for the first time (this was an situation I was in just a couple of years ago!) and the best cars for young drivers in Ireland. The main thing they need to take into account here is how much the insurance is going to cost. The cost of insurance in Ireland is often called “a complete joke” because it’s so unreasonably expensive. Therefore if you’re a young person trying to get on the road for the first time, it’s best to buy a car with a small engine that doesn’t go very fast. Even then, you would probably end up having to pay more than three thousand euro to insure the car. I heard about foreigners coming to Ireland having a similar problem even though they’d been driving for years already in their home country.

The first video is very interesting – it’s about really old cars that are still being produced today. The second video is made by a guy from Birmingham in England who has a YouTube channel about cars. I think it’s probably quite hard for most English learners to understand because of his accent and the amount of colloquial language related specifically to cars that he uses, so well done if you can keep up with some of what he’s saying! The automatic subtitles on the video aren’t too bad; they’re quite accurate overall.

Check out the song about driving too, it’s by the Rolling Stones. It’s really good for learning some collocations and reviewing the future simple tense. And it’s a great song 🙂

Conversation Questions

  • Do you drive? If so, what sort of car do you drive?
  • Is it hard to get on the road in your country?
  • What car would you like to have and why?



What is the ideal first car to buy?

Best cars for young drivers






“I’m Gonna Drive”

I’ve got itchy fingers, I’ve got muddy feet
And my mind is wanderin’ in the steamin’ heat
My head is swimmin’ full of dirty lies
I’m tired of spinnin’ freaky alibis

I need open spaces to clear my head
Need a clearer view on the road ahead
Need to fill my tank, check the oil
Fix the air conditioner or I’m gonna boil

I’m gonna drive
I’m gonna drive
To the edge of this-uh world

I’ve seen fire, disaster and hurricane
And sad eyed people and dirty dreams
And battered suit cases and cryin’ kids
And resignation at how life is

And easy money and wine that flows
And pretty pictures and centerfolds
And double dealers who take it back
If he should mud yer daughter, throw I’m back

I’m gonna drive
I’m gonna drive
I’m gonna drive
I’m gonna drive
To the edge of this-uh world

I’m goin’ through a desert across a plain
To the lonely mountain full of cloud and rain
Gonna scream out loud at the risin’ sun
Gonna ask for pleasure when my day is done
Yeah, baby, hear my prayin’

I’m gonna drive
I’m gonna drive
I’m gonna drive
I’m gonna drive
To the edge of this-uh world.



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