English reading and listening links for discussing in online English lessons, featuring articles and videos about the cost of cigarettes, the effect of marriage on your life expectancy, office comedy and the musician Noel Gallagher analysing things. There is a song by the Irish musician Rory Gallagher.



  • How much do cigarettes cost in your country?
  • How long have you been married? / Do you plan to get married in the future?




Buying a box of cigarettes in Ireland could eventually cost €30


The stress of marriage shortens your life by a year – if you’re the wife





(transcript below)

Under ‘strengths’, you’ve just put ‘accounts’.
That’s your job, though.
That’s just Under ‘weaknesses’, you’ve put ‘eczema’.
You had a fantastically welcoming buffet.
The wine was something else.
– Everyone’s quite friendly.
Everyone’s And Tim seems nice.
– Yeah.
He’s a good laugh.
I’ve just got to Has he got a girlfriend? Tim? No.
– Why? What’s up? Nothing.
– Why? Would you? Mm? Out of the equation.
I know, but if you weren’t, would he? If I weren’t? Madness.
You’ve left this section blank.
You haven’t done the Q&A.
I thought you filled that in.
– No.
This is aimed at you.
‘To what extent do you believe that you have the skills to perform your job effectively?’ What would you tick?

– Don’t know.
‘Do you feel you have received adequate training to use your computer effectively?’ What are the options? – They’re always the same.
‘Not at all.
To some extent.
Very much so.
Don’t know.
‘ Don’t know.
– Don’t know again.
‘Do you feel you are given the flexibility to decide how to accomplish your goals?’ Do you want the options? – Yeah.
‘Very much so.
Don’t know.
‘ – Don’t know.
If ‘Don’t know’ wasn’t there, what would you put? What are the options? – ‘Not at all.
To some extent.
‘Very much so.
Don’t know.
‘ – Very much so.
Do you remember the question? – No.
‘Do you?’ We’re going to leave that.









“Just The Smile”

Just the smile that is spreading all over her face,
Could warm up the room and set fire to the place.
Yes it could, you know it could.Now the fog is clinging all over the town,
Put one foot in front then you just might fall down.
On the ground, she’s in town.But like the rain that is falling all over the land,
She cools down my mind when she touches my hand.
Feels so good, yeah so good.

Just the smile that is spreading all over her face,
Could warm up the room and set fire to the place.
Yes she could, you know it could.

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