English reading and listening links for discussing in online English lessons, featuring articles and videos about nurses, bullies, swimming and Facebook’s digital training hubs.


What do you think about Facebook?

(Facebook want to be viewed positively in Europe and opinion about Facebook seems to be mixed. What are the pros and cons of Facebook and do you think it will continue to have a big influence on peoples’ lives, or just fade away like other social media in the past such as MySpace?)

How are you digital skills?

(Facebook want more people in Europe to have digital skills. What are your digital skills like and do you think such skills are important for your day-to-day life? Besides taking online English lessons, how else has technology made your life easier?)

Is your job as demanding as nursing?

(People often say nursing is one of the most demanding jobs in Ireland. What do you think about this? Is your job very demanding or have you had a particularly demanding job in the past? What caused it to be so demanding?

What is a good way to deal with a bully?

(Have you ever encountered a situation where someone was being bullied? How was the situation dealt with?)

What types of exercise do you do?

Swimming is a really beneficial type of exercise because it gets you fit and relieves stress. There are loads of other benefits too in the article below about swimming. Do you exercise much and what type of exercise do you enjoy most and find particularly beneficial?


What Are the Top 12 Benefits of Swimming?

Facebook to open digital training hubs in Europe


Reasons why nurses need a pay rise (subtitles)




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