No need to panic!! Tips for using English in the workplace

Hi everyone, Using English in the workplace can be really daunting, especially for beginner and intermediate level students. Many students lack confidence and don’t want to appear foolish in front of their co-workers or superiors. This is why in today’s post we … Read More

St. Patrick’s Day

As March 17th is just around the corner, it is appropriate to focus this lesson on St. Patrick’s Day, the most important national holiday for people of Irish heritage worldwide. From Dublin to Dubai, Cork to Chicago and Limerick to Lima, the … Read More

English Reading and Listening (International Women’s Day)

In this post, there are some interesting links discussing women’s rights and how these are evolving. The reading links describe International Women’s Day, which started in the Soviet Union and in more recent times has become recognised around the world.  In the … Read More

Speaking about Wildlife in English (World Wildlife Day)

The 3rd of March is World Wildlife Day, which was created to promote more awareness of the world’s wild animals and plants, as well as the issues related to wildlife such as endangered species and destruction of natural habitats. This is an … Read More

English reading and listening: World Day of Social Justice

In this post, I put together some links to help you with speaking about social problems in English. I’m very interested in this topic and I think it’s a problem that the government here in Ireland does very little about, even though … Read More

Chinese New Year 2018

 The Year of the Dog starts today so I put together a video and some links to read and watch about Chinese New Year in English. It’s a huge celebration around Asia and wherever people of East Asian heritage live. Korean … Read More

Valentine’s Day: Talking about love/romance in English

In this blog post I compiled a couple of interesting articles related to Valentine’s Day, and also recorded a short video with some common questions and answers used in conversations about love and relationships. The first article was very funny, arguing that … Read More

Reading/Listening February 12th: Derry

There two videos in this blog post in which you can hear the Scottish and northwest of Ireland accents. In the Irish video (hitching a lift to Derry), the girl won’t give the man a lift to Derry because he calls the … Read More

IELTS Speaking: Going on a trip

  This post is based on an IELTS Speaking Part 2 question about a trip you would like to go on by car, motorbike or bike. I decided to talk about a trip I’d like to make by car and in the … Read More

Talking about cars in English

In this blog post, you can learn and review some vocabulary connected to talking about cars in English. In the video above, I mention some common questions we ask each other when we talk about cars, and the key vocabulary and sentence … Read More