Business English : Asking for Clarification

This video covers some ways that you can ask for clarification in the workplace. Don’t just nod your head and pretend to understand, use the following questions and phrases to ask your co-workers exactly what they mean! Sorry, I’m not exactly sure … Read More

Talking about sleep in English

 Articles/video to help you with talking about sleep in English This blog post contains two articles and a video that are talking about sleep in English. I had a really long trip home to Donegal from Lisbon at the weekend, including … Read More

How to find an IELTS teacher in Ireland

How to find an IELTS teacher in Ireland This post contains advice for English learners in Ireland who would like to take the IELTS exam. Specifically, it contains advice about how to find an IELTS teacher in Ireland. The first option is … Read More

Talking about work holidays in English

Talking about work holidays in English This post contains reading and listening links to help you talk about time off work in English. The amount of time that workers can get off work varies from country to country. It includes differing numbers … Read More

Ways to learn English in Ireland

Ways to learn English in Ireland More and more people are coming to Ireland to study English these days, with record numbers reported last year (2017). A total of 119,000 students learned English in Ireland in 2016, up by 11,871 on the previous … Read More

Tired of always forgetting new vocabulary? – Use these tips to help improve your memory

Memorising new vocabulary   Hi everyone, Anyone who has tried learning a second language will testify to the following problem; You are mid-conversation and just about to make an important point when … blank… a key word that you need to express … Read More

English listening: pollution and the environment

 English listening: pollution and the environment Reading This is a post with contents to help you practise reading, listening and speaking about pollution and the environment in English. The two reading links are fairly simple to understand. The first article is … Read More

happiness at work

Work and happiness at work (English conversation, IELTS speaking and writing)

 This blog post talks about work and ideas for being happy at work. Besides being a very common everyday conversation topic, this is also a prevalent subject in IELTS writing (having an enjoyable job vs. earning a lot of money) and … Read More

Speaking in English about decisions and uncertainty (IELTS Speaking: Describe an important decision)

 Hopefully this is a helpful blog post in terms of useful ideas about dealing with difficult decisions that we all have to make sometimes, and also to help you speak about this topic clearly in English. As you can see below, … Read More

Talking about old age in English

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