Reading/listening 17/12/2017

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Reading/Listening/Music 13/12/2017

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Reading/Listening/Music 10/12/2017

Reading   Hospital chiefs ban doctors and nurses from having free tea and coffee and tell them to drink HOT WATER instead     Man ‘cements a microwave to his head’ in Wolverhampton       Listening     Prankster defends cementing … Read More

Reading/Listening 6/12/2017

Reading   Buying a box of cigarettes in Ireland could eventually cost €30   The stress of marriage shortens your life by a year – if you’re the wife     Listening   (transcript below) Under ‘strengths’, you’ve just put ‘accounts’. Yeah. … Read More

English Writing: How to use a semicolon correctly

How to use a semi-colon correctly The most common use of the semi-colon is to join two independent clauses without using a conjunction like and. A semi-colon is only followed by a capital letter when the next word is a proper noun … Read More

Reading/listening/music 3/12/2017

Reading   Naming customs around the world   How to see the Northern Lights in Ireland     Listening         Music